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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Working on some projects for my Holiday Sale!

Here are some things that I have been working on, for my Holiday Sale! Two wooden lazy susans, an old silverware box, and 2 wooden pcs. with moulding.
I painted all susans cream added burlap trims and buttons, as you can see i have been making glittered burlap roses. I will be adding those to a lot of my holiday projects.

 I added this wooden do-dad to the moulding piece and painted it cream.

I've been crazy for burlap lately!! I love making these roses. And I am making these burlap wreaths with lace,vintage bling and some vintage corsage bits!! and I added a stained tag. I'll try to show more things in the weeks to come.  Thanks, for stopping in today and taking a peek! Have a great weekend and happy junking!!! Eloise

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  1. Hey Eloise!
    You're gonna laugh but at first glance I thought the burlap roses were cinnamon rolls and they made my mouth water. LOL
    Everything looks beautiful, I especially luv your wreath.
    Are you going to Glitterfest on Saturday?