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Friday, July 29, 2011

Organizing My Jewelery with a New Borard

For months I have been trying to finish this jewelery board to organize my necklaces, finally I finished it!
The jewelery board is made from an old frame I had. I covered it with white burlap.
Under the burlap is a piece of poster board, then wrapped in batting,then covered with the burlap.
I made some burlap flowers and added some lace trims.
Make sure that the batting and burlap are secured tight. I used extra long pins to hang my jewels.
I still need to finish hanging all my jewelery on it,I hope it all fits!
So, the finished product, hanging in my room! I hope you liked it!
I hope everyone out there has a beautiful weekend! And remember find beauty in the simple life! Happy Creating, Junking & Decorating!!!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Stocking-up for Vintage Marketplace Sept. 9th& Sept.10th

I want to thank all of you that left me the "Sweetest Comments" on my blog & all of you that visited me! I loved all your blogs too!!!
Now, it's time to start gathering more items for the Vintage Marketplace in Sept. It will be here before you know it!! I went to some estate sales and found some great finds for you! Here's a little PEEK....
I found these 2 pin cushion dolls, they can be soldered on a bottle! hummm, good idea!
Here's some great red poka-dot fabric and a red swingline stapler. Some vintage photos.
A bag full of wooden spools of thread, Sewing anyone?
More bling!
Then I found this great vintage scrapbook with over
70 vintage cards! Here are a few pages!
Some lace pieces.....
I saved the best for last....... a vintage beautiful cutie doll!!!
Isn't she adorable? I love her hair, dress, everything!!!
Well, that's enough, I did also, find some vintage hats & shoes and a vintage 50's cocktail dress. My battery went dead, so no pics! Errrrrr....! :(
I'm busy making some flea market bags and some cuffs! Oh, also some hair clips. I'll blog about that stuff soon.
Once again, thanks to all my new peeps in the followers box! Come back soon!
And, as always happy junking! & Creating!

Thursday, July 14, 2011


Hi all you Creative gals! My name is Eloise and I will be your host today. My small room is upstairs in my home. I call it my "PLAYROOM". It's pretty small but, it is jammed full of fun things to play with and what else? "CREATE"! I hope you have fun today! And don't forget to check out all the other party blogs (At My Desert Cottage for the list) I'll be party hopping too!! Oh, and thanks for stopping by...
Ok,here's the entrance! TA DA!!!
I made this inspiration board on my door. All the things I love!!
This is my desk,With must haves and pretties all around.
This is one of my Junk Babies I made. She holds all my vintage keys. Her name is "Fancy Faith".

Here are some of my doll heads that I use to make my "Junk Babies", I've sold them at a few shows!
And my motto"Lets Play"
Here are some views looking in!
My husband put together this hutch top on a vanity bottom to hold lots of supplies!
More cubbies in the hutch....
I love these satin glove boxes, they hold laces and buttons.
This cabinet holds more supplies and creative goodness!
And cute vintage table I use for storage on bottom and to assemble jewelery & paper goods!
Paper ready to use! Journals anyone??
Doll shelf, sooooo sweet!!
Here's another shelf by my desk.
Shelves are filled with storage jars.
I have this black file cabinet next to my table. It holds ribbons,charolettes & seam binding.
OK, are you ready for the BLING??? I keep my bling in silver trays,muffin tins,satin boxes,& jars. Remember, someone once said "you create what you see" that's why I keep everything out, where I can see it!
More sparkle! :)
Suitcases for storage? Who knew? They're the best & vintage too!
All my vintage photos stored in here.
This one is filled with old pattern tissue paper.

I know that storage is always a problem so, just be creative and use whatever you have. The more unique the better.
So, from my two manis Fifi and Mimi, we wish you a wonderful weekend filled with "Sweet Dreams".
Thanks for stopping by today! I hope I inspired someone!