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Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring is Coming!

Ok, now that the house is finished from the water leak and some set backs in the repairs. It's finally done! All the furniture is back in from the garage.
I'm getting ready for spring, I planted some Sweet Peas and some of my favorite plants. I got to do a little re-decorating too. Here, are some pics.....
Can you see the Burlap flowers that are in the blue watering can? I've been making those for my upcoming "Spring Boutique" (more to come, the date is May 12th) and the Vintage Market Place in Fallbrook (that date is June 1st & 2nd) see flyer.
I keep moving this giant birdcage all over, I don't know where I like it best so, for now it's on the entryway table.
Little Bunnies moved in.
Here are some pics of the LR, still in progress.....decorating...
That's the wall that was torn down from the water damage.
These are the shelves in that cabinet that's in the corner. I purchased that piece from Christie Repasy when she had her studio in Laguna Beach around 10yrs ago. I love it.
Next, this table that I've had forever with a C.Repasy Birdie print (it says Spring!).
This is the way my staircase turned out, it used to be oak (you know that yucky, orange color. They stripped and stained it to match the floor.
Sorry, for being a bad blogger friend, I'm back in the swing of things.
After, all that I need a vacation!
GUESS WHERE? these boots and hat are going???? This weekend I'm headed with my husband and daughter (Evon) to TEXAS!, Howdy!!!! yes, we are going to Round Top Antique week! I'm soooo, excited
we are meeting up with Tricia (Vintage Bliss) @ Zapp Hall there. She helped us with all the happenings and information. Thanks Tricia, you're a doll!!! See you soon.
So, hopefully, I'll be blogging about my adventure there. Wish me luck!
Happy Trails,