back ground

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

On, Saturday a beautiful day at Christie's fab studio!  Here's a photo of Jennifer, Evon and Christie. It was nice to see all the great vendors and friends. Lots of wonderful finds!!
I purchased this blue cabinet from these sweet gals!! "Bats and Buttercups" from the photo it doesn't look blue. But, when I got it home it was too blue, so I took on the process to re-paint it!! I'm a creamy girl! It looks perfect in my LR. These gals also had some darling fun Halloween decorations, I couldn't resist!! See, here's the cabinet, I love it!!  Those are the only photos I was able to take! My CAMERA died!!!!! I also, purchased a great burlap bag from Cynthia, Lil Urchin Fabrics.


  1. Gorgeous piece Eloise, what a great find!

  2. Thanks for visiting Eloise, I'm at Irvine Valley College on the first Sunday of the month.
    Maybe you can visit someday, I'd love to meet you!