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Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Ghoulish Halloween Party!!!!

This past weekend on Sat. my daughter Erin, hosted our annual Halloween Creating Party!!  Six of us gals get together, and we all create a project and we kit  six projects for everyone.  When we are done for the night, ( it took us about six hours)!! We all come home with 6 finished projects!!!!  Ghoulish fun!!!
Our good friend and Linda (she's talented!) created this paper mache Pumpkin!!!
Jennifer, brought all this kit to create this black wreath and included all the images! Thanks, Jen!
Erin, provided all the trims to make this burlap banner!! Boo!  Thank you Erin for having us over! and the food was great!!yum! We had ham,roasted potatoes, salad & rolls. and dessert.
Evon, had us make this hanging Halloween Paper doll, very cute!
I made this paper halloween house and attached it to a scrabble tray. Everyone had different words and images!!
Pearl, kitted us this beautiful, mask with feathers handmade flowers, ribbons and trims!!
Thanks, Pearl, amazing!!
And here we are!! A fun filled nite with all our projects to take home and decorate!!
Last but not least, here are my two little goblins!! Sophie and Olivia! They love Halloween!!!!! Future little crafters. That's all for now! I have just started to decorate for  Christmas!~ I know, but I must get ready for my sale!! Don't forget Nov. 13th! That's why, I haven't been blogging!!  I'm busy crafting!!! Have a great weekend! and Happy Junking!!!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Still working!

Here are some pics of the  small charm bottles that I made!  I'm also finishing some silver trays with chalkboard paint, and I made these 3 necklaces! I'm wishing  all you gals good luck at GF!!! Rock it!!! I'm leaving up North. I'll post pics of my my trip on Monday. Stay tuned!!! Have a great weekend!