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Friday, September 3, 2010

Today,  I decided to dress this bodice that I purchased in San Francisco, at the Alameda Flea. If you have never gone to this flea market, it's a must . I LOVE it.  This bodice is not old and I purchased it without a stand. I like the vintage look of it.
 My husband added this old lamp base for the stand. It just needed to be cut  the right height. Do you like it??
 Ok, so I'm getting her dressed. A black slip that I purchased in Spokane WA, at the Farm Chicks Show!! ( another must if you've never been.  Lots of yummy eye candy!!
Here's a closer view, I like to hand my jewels some bought and some I made. I have this in my entry way Hello!!  Oh, any suggestions? she needs a name?
So here she is, this is the apron I made when I did the Chateau de Fleurs at Christie's in Fallbrook.  It looks better on her,hee,hee!  That's all for now! Have a safe Holiday!!!!!
XOXO Junk Fairy

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  1. She is looking good! Ciao Rita mammabellarte