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Friday, December 16, 2011

Sweets & the Holiday Season

Hope you are all having a wonderful Holiday Season, I love all this cool weather we're having,don't you? I started my candy making and some of my baking. When I'm done I'll be making "goodies trays" for family and friends.
Take a peek!!
My famous peanut butter balls, these are always a hit.
Shortbread Snowball cookies, my husbands favorite~!
These yummy things, are Butterscotch haystacks.
I'm sampling one right now, tasty! I usually make all my candy first. then next week I'll do all the baking of bars and cookies. :)
Oh, my gosh! have you made these "cake balls"?
They are so "delish" and so easy to make.
Who? doesn't like Peanut butter cookies?
This is just my first batch.I like mine crispy. I'll be making one more next week. I'll show you my goodie trays next week, when I put them all together.
I wish you could smell the kitchen right now,it smells like Chocolate & Goodness.
It's getting closer, hope you're almost done shopping and wrapping. So, you can make time for some holiday baking!
So long for now,And to all a goodnight!!!!....
Merry Kissmas!

Monday, December 12, 2011

The Vintage Market Place and Catching up With Holiday Goodness!

The Vintage Market a few weeks ago was so, much fun! We, had a bout of the winds but, all in all it was lots of fun and a festive weekend!
Here's a pic of Evon and I all bundled up, it was chilly.
This is Robin ( the Furniture Queen) she was my neighbor. Thanks, Robin for helping us out with all the zip ties.
This is Linda (Trinkets Baubles & Bits)my other neighbor, her booth was so adorable,Linda it was fun spending the weekend with you and your sis Penny! Linda, loves vintage holiday decor, just like me.
Linda, shopped in our booth and purchased all these vintage Santa's Wow!
Robin and I (day 2).
Evon manning the our booth.
Thank you and Happy Holidays to all the people that stopped by to visit us.You made our sale a success!

On another note, I promised I would show you my den that is decorated in my retro-vintage collection.
this is a corner cabinet in my den.
Oh, let me open the doors so, you can get a better look...
In the background I've added my collection of old Christmas books.

This little guy was found by my husband at at the flea market, still in the original box in perfect condition!
Another oldie.
I also, have several Cody Foster's Snowy Houses. Here are a few.
The next few weeks will be busy for me, making lots of sweets, candy and cookies and of course Tamales (I can't wait) They are so yummy! getting together with my kids and sharing our Holiday Traditions is what Christmas is all about. See you soon....
Have a Happy Jingle Time!