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Monday, March 28, 2011

New Projects Getting Done for Spring Boutique & Decorating!

This past week was the worst! I got the flu and was in bed for one week! I also, lost my voice completely for 5 days! For those of you that know me, you can guess how hard it was for me!!!! But, like a trooper I'm on the mend. So, the past 2 days I've been putting together my "Junk Babies" little bits and pieces of junk and whatever, to put together these little junk people. I first noticed these on a trip to Spokane,WA. about 4yrs. ago. Here's my version!
Let me know what you think???

They are still a work in progress! The names I picked out for these 2 are "Tartsy Trixie and Little Liza. they should be finished by weeks end. Another one will be born this weekend. I feel the pains coming on! hee,hee!
I also, pulled out some more Spring & Easter decorations. Just a few to show you! Buffet in my kitchen.

Next week, I'll be doing my dining room. Adding more Spring goodness.
Besides decorating here's a sneak peeekk at more items for my Vintage Spring Sale (May 7th)! More to come!!
These are jars covered with vintage post card images. The inside is filled with buttons,lace,paper and ribbons.
Next, little birdies! Great for Mother's day!
And, then there is this dressform! I can't believe I took on this project! Yikes, I stayed up until midnight stamping this fabric and
cutting it into strips before I added it to the form! I can't tell you how long it took me! (but it was long!!!!) Now, I just need to embellish it with lace and and a floral bits.
Well, there it is! We'll see how it looks when it's finished. I hope I didn't go crazy with the pics! I'll show more finds next time.
And this week I'm excited! I'm leaving to San Francisco to the Alameda Flea Market! I'll be looking for some goodies for all of you! Wish me luck!! So, now it's time to decide what's for dinner tonite my husband will be home soon! shhh, I'll tell him I've been slaving over the stove all day! NOT!!!
Have a wonderful week, stay safe and have Spring Happy thoughts!!!
I'll show you what I find next week!
Much Junk Love!!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Working with Lace and Trims Peek!

Just a little post to share some of the things I'm working on! I'm getting ready for my Spring Boutique, Mark the Date: May 7th (more info. coming soon.!) This is an old jewelery box covered with trims.
I made this soldered tin collage, just to sit on a shelf. I am working on one more. I love making vintage collages. I'm also working on my soldered bottle charms! Pics below...
This little house collage is a class that I took at Paper Tales in San Diego, the teacher was Judy Haymaker. It was a fun class and everybodys project was adorable!!

Here, are some of my charms, I have 10 more to solder. I better get to work!! It's Friday, so everyone have a wonderful weekend! and Happy Junking!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Vintage Finds Over the Weekend!

This past weekend I went out to some estate sales. I found some interesting items to work with. Remember,"Someones trash is an others Treasure" I love that sane! Take a look....

I usually buy things that I think others will like! I don't always keep everything. Enjoy!
Aren't these ballerina shoes great! All tattered and worn.
I found some old tins and some fabric cording.

Then I found these old canning jars and a metal Jar holder, I'll use it for a display on my kitchen table.
Here they are all cleaned up. Ready for a display to be filled with flowers.
Here are just a few more things that caught my eye!
Isn't she adorable? She has a calming effect. I'll end this post with a few more pics. then I'll say, "so long for now" and Happy Junking!!
This is a Crown Royal bottle holder. I'll think of something to do with this Red crown.
And this necklace was beaded on velvet fabric.
This leather case is filled with some bling!! Who can resist!! I have more items to show but, they'll have to wait until next time. Again, thanks to everyone that has stopped by my blog to peek and say hello! Have a great week junking!
Hugs & Kisses~!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Springtime and Chateau de Fleurs A Wonderful time!!

Well, I was a vendor at Chateau this past weekend. It was a beautiful spring day! I'm sad to say that I have no pics!!! ERRRR! I forgot my camera! My bad! I'm not a good blogger. But, just wanted to say Thank-you to Miss Christie and Rita! It was a great time.And thank you to everyone that stopped by! I met some great people!!
This weekend I'm getting ready for Springtime. The bunnies are coming out and I decorated one table so far. this table is in my entry.

This pic has a garland that I made, I love to make these!(with dyed coffee filters!). My husband put together this Candelabra
with a vintage post and a broken chandelier. I added some crystals and vintage post cards! Viola!!
These little guys I've had for years! So Sweet! I put them out every year

A little Vintage Bunny pulling a little wagon!
Next, I wanted to show a pic of something I learned this weekend. Nikki (Mermaid Glade) my neighbor at the show. Teaches felting. I purchased a kit and she gave me a lesson!! She's a great teacher! Nikki it was a pleasure hanging out with you and learning!

This is what I made! The pink one on the right, I made at the show.
The one on the left I made on Sunday. Felting is so relaxing! A great hobby for anyone!!
Thanks Again, Nikki!
Wishing everyone a great week and weekend, The weather is going to be beautiful!
Sending Fairy Dreams!and Smiles!