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Friday, June 24, 2011

I'm in a Blue Mood!

I'm in a blue mood! But, not a sad mood!LOL! Nothing, says Summer like the soft
color of that Light Aqua/Baby Blue color! I'm taken with that color right now.
It all started with those baby blue jars. My husband bought me this metal jar caddy. After that I just kept buying jars to fill it! (like a mad women!)
The jars that started it all!!
After that, I decided that I should go shopping in my own house to see what I could gather to paint. I found the perfect color by Behr "Cool Jazz" #490A-2 @ Home Depot. Even the name is summery!!LOL!
I painted the frame (I still need to add a bluebird image).
I painted the birdcage and the small urns on the kitchen table.
I already had the bluish larger urn, so that fit right in.
The Bluish/green pitcher belong to my Mom (it's special)! and more jars.
This watering can is another makeover.
This old vintage jar I've had for years, I love the colors of the flowers and it's blue! The bluebird flower pocket is also, one of my old favs.
And this pillow I already had upstairs. So, I added it to my favorite kitchen chair!
So, that's it! I'm "Happy with my Blue Mood" I like the way it looks with cream and white.
Create something Blue this weekend!!!
Have a great and fun weekend too! Until next time!
Much Junk Love,

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sunday @ LB Flea! Who did I See?

As I was strolling along with my daughter Evon at the LB Flea, guess who I see? My dear and longtime friend Christie Repasy (Chateau de Fleurs) and her son AJ. Then down the road is the booth of Robin (the Furniture Queen)~! her booth always is wonderful! Then, who else do I see?
Abbey(Sweet Magnolia Farm, Sheila (Tattered Goods),
Me, Christie (Chateau de fleurs) and Robin! It was nice to see everyone!
It was fun chatting with good friends!
Have a great week!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

"Summer Lovin" Happened so Fast!

You know the song "Summer Lovin" happened so fast.
I can't believe that Summer is here!! I was out watering this morning and had to share my ginormous!!!Hollyhocks! Everything is so green and colorful! Have a great Father's Day weekend!!
In full bloom!
Now, time to relax outside!!
Have a beautiful weekend! I'll be shopping at Vets
in Long Beach tomorrow!!
Fairy Kisses,

Monday, June 13, 2011

Want to See Where I Create????

Come on in! this is the Secret Door into my
playroom!! Enter at your own risk!!!!! hee,hee!!
Right outside the door I keep extra lace scraps and old photos in these suitcases. Suitcases work great for storage.
My playroom is a small bedroom upstairs, it's just right to keep all my "pretties" out where I can see them. I read somewhere "you create what you see"! So, I keep alot of things out where I can see them and be inspired!!
Some of my collections.
These pics are of a hutch, that has all my laces,little bits and pieces, glues and glitter.
This is my manni! Oh, she has a sister too!
Manni's sister "FiFi".
This is my desk, I like to keep trays of jewels and findings/chains in cupcake tins.
Right behind my desk a table & file cabinet hold tiered baskets with ribbons,stamps & ink pads, all at hands reach.
I have an addiction for supplies. If you have all your supplies and you feel like creating something, you just shop in your own space!
This is a garland I made with ball fringe, it hangs over my desk and window.
More supplies hang on the back of the door in a clear see-thru shoe pocket organizer. Use all your spaces!
This tin shelf is filled with see-thur jars.
Oh, my little shoe collection. I use these to make pin cushions.
And, finally everyone needs a fu-fu comfy chair to
"dream big" and read magazines, with a chandelier overhead.
Well, here's a full view. I hope you all like my little space. Thanks, for visiting my Playroom today!! I hope I inspired you?
As I close this post, I wish you all a great week!
Happy Creating and Much Junk Love

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Best Ever Farm Chicks Show!!!!!!

Hellllooo Gals, I'm back from my trip. From the beautiful Spokane Valley, WA. What a great trip! Beautiful scenery, good food, wonderful fines and met some great people! Here we go........;)
Julie and I had our boots on and were ready to go!!!!
When we got to the show we met some great gals.
We all had our boots on!
Our group was a Hoot! we did some fun shopping!!!
I met these 2 gals from the Sacramento area! Juanita and Pat. There first time to the F.C. Show! They were so cute!
This was the entrance to the show! the theme "Having FUN" and we did!
Ok. Enough here we goooo... Sooo much to see and touch and buy!

This gal had soooo many goodies, trays and trays of vintage clock faces, white charolettes,letters, and vintage paper 3 booths full!
This is the Fabulous Joy from "Auntie Joy's" her booth is always one to stop at. She has vintage finds and makes tons of jewelery. I bought some!
More booths...........
Boots Galore!!!
This booth had some real chickens in a pen! Real farm chicks!
This is Evon at a booth called "Junebug" her little dog is named Junebug! couldn't resist!
It was really hard to take pics with all the people walking around so, that's why I just took whatever I could at the time. Plus, I had shopping to do! My finds later!
This is "Retreat" always a beautiful set up!
A favorite place for food was a place called CHAPS(we had almost all our meals there)the food was amaaaaazing! Thanks Celeste! we'll be back!!!
All the food and drinks were yummy!! and the desserts equally wonderful!
It was my birthday weekend, so we had a toast and dessert, the best lemon chiffon cake I ever had!!! yummy,yummy!!
And this steak dinner! another favorite!
This is the lemon cake, my dear friend Linda made this cute Birthday banner for my cake!
Back on day (2) mostly took pics of all the gals doing the show
This is Dixie and Linda from Funky Junk Sisters! They were great, I got this tee from them!
Evon and I on day 2 of the show!
Here's Joy,Tiffany,Heather Bullard and Jenny Doh HAVING FARM CHICK fUNNNN!
Here's Heather and Jenny they were signing books at the show! They took time for a pic!!
More finds...........
I could have spent all my money here!
Tons of Flea Market bags, I purchased 3.
More, doll heads! Ready for more "Junk Babies" I couldn't leave them behind.
An array of linens for sewing projects!
We purchased these Big mugs from Chaps bakery dept. It's called CAKE.
And finally, a shout out to some great gals we met from Northern ,CA in line Paula (2gypsygirls) and her crew, Layle,Nancy,& Sande (hope you're feeling better! It was fun chatting with you guys!
Well, there's too much more to say and show but, I don't want to be obnoxious hee,hee! Just know that we had a great time. Thanks for coming along with me!
Happy Junking and Creating!
Junk Fairy Kisses to all!