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Sunday, August 21, 2011

It seems like Forever! I'm back with Treasures!

The last couple of weeks have been crazy with no computer! I'm glad it's over and my computer is fixed now!! So, let us begin!! TA-DA!!! the projects I've completed.
Please excuse me, a few pics are out of order, errr!

I love creating these necklaces with all my bling and misc. pieces.

Then, I've been on this sewing kick! But, I really just dabble in sewing every once in a while. I've been wanting the make these drapery flea market bags. I'm almost finished! They need a little more embellishments!

Then, I packaged all these cello bags with keys and bling! ready for the VINTAGE MARKET PLACE!
Last week we also took a little vacation to Mendocino! What a beautiful place to relax! And the scenery!!! WOW!! (just a few pics).

The drive up there was so beautiful, nature at it's best!
Ok,here are the packages,
We stopped at some tag sales and of course, on the way back we stayed a few days in San Fran! my favorite place! Some of the finds are from the Flea there and some from the tag sales.
Look at all these babies!! This lady used to have a doll hospital! Lucky me!!
Some of these will be keepers!
Here's a cute wicker chair and some other goodies
And, this 70's prom dress! I even met the lady that wore it!
I always manage to find "old photos" my fav.!
This old dress form from an estate sale at a winery! she'll be at the VMP!
So, that's my story of the past few weeks! I have to get back get back to work. I'm working on some pillows too.
Oh, and Junk Fairy will soon be 1 yr.old soon!! Hooray!! So, in the next few weeks I will be having a giveaway!! Stay tuned.....!
Wishing you all a great week ahead and inspiration!


  1. Hi Eloise!
    Good Junque...are you selling the mannequin??? let me know.


  2. hi Eloise Thanks for stopping by to leave your sweet thoughts. Loving all your treasures! See you soon,xo Christie

  3. Love, love, love all your creations and treasures :)

  4. Old photos are my fav too!! They tell us some history of the picture. LOVE the key necklaces!!
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  5. Welcome back! Can't wait to see all your goodies at the Marketplace!

    See you soon!
    xo, Amber

  6. Love the jewelry, the bags, the old photos, the dress form, the dress, and especially the sweet vintage dolls!!!