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Friday, July 29, 2011

Organizing My Jewelery with a New Borard

For months I have been trying to finish this jewelery board to organize my necklaces, finally I finished it!
The jewelery board is made from an old frame I had. I covered it with white burlap.
Under the burlap is a piece of poster board, then wrapped in batting,then covered with the burlap.
I made some burlap flowers and added some lace trims.
Make sure that the batting and burlap are secured tight. I used extra long pins to hang my jewels.
I still need to finish hanging all my jewelery on it,I hope it all fits!
So, the finished product, hanging in my room! I hope you liked it!
I hope everyone out there has a beautiful weekend! And remember find beauty in the simple life! Happy Creating, Junking & Decorating!!!


  1. It is fabulous! What a beautiful place to hang your gorgeous creations!



  2. Love the jewelry holder, it looks so fab with the burlap. I have got to learn how to make those flowers, they are killer!

  3. Ohh I do, I do like it a lot!! It is stunning love the burlap flowers too. Well done!

  4. That turned out very nice. That was a creative idea. Nel wanted something to hang her necklaces on, and she could never find anything she liked. The lace on the flower adds a special touch.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  5. This is gorgeous! I love the white burlap!!

    Sandy xox

  6. The jewelry board is gorgeous and so is all the jewelry you've displayed on it!!