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Thursday, July 14, 2011


Hi all you Creative gals! My name is Eloise and I will be your host today. My small room is upstairs in my home. I call it my "PLAYROOM". It's pretty small but, it is jammed full of fun things to play with and what else? "CREATE"! I hope you have fun today! And don't forget to check out all the other party blogs (At My Desert Cottage for the list) I'll be party hopping too!! Oh, and thanks for stopping by...
Ok,here's the entrance! TA DA!!!
I made this inspiration board on my door. All the things I love!!
This is my desk,With must haves and pretties all around.
This is one of my Junk Babies I made. She holds all my vintage keys. Her name is "Fancy Faith".

Here are some of my doll heads that I use to make my "Junk Babies", I've sold them at a few shows!
And my motto"Lets Play"
Here are some views looking in!
My husband put together this hutch top on a vanity bottom to hold lots of supplies!
More cubbies in the hutch....
I love these satin glove boxes, they hold laces and buttons.
This cabinet holds more supplies and creative goodness!
And cute vintage table I use for storage on bottom and to assemble jewelery & paper goods!
Paper ready to use! Journals anyone??
Doll shelf, sooooo sweet!!
Here's another shelf by my desk.
Shelves are filled with storage jars.
I have this black file cabinet next to my table. It holds ribbons,charolettes & seam binding.
OK, are you ready for the BLING??? I keep my bling in silver trays,muffin tins,satin boxes,& jars. Remember, someone once said "you create what you see" that's why I keep everything out, where I can see it!
More sparkle! :)
Suitcases for storage? Who knew? They're the best & vintage too!
All my vintage photos stored in here.
This one is filled with old pattern tissue paper.

I know that storage is always a problem so, just be creative and use whatever you have. The more unique the better.
So, from my two manis Fifi and Mimi, we wish you a wonderful weekend filled with "Sweet Dreams".
Thanks for stopping by today! I hope I inspired someone!


  1. I love your creative studio! Someday I will have one. Lots of great ideas that I hope to remember when it's time for my studio.

  2. I love EVERYTHING! The inspiration board, the dolls, the JARS of things I want to explore! I love everything vintage and just want to PLAY!

    I hope you'll have time to visit my spaces...

  3. Hi Eloise, what an amazing space you have to create! I wish mine was that organized :).
    XO Christie

  4. Wonderful space! Pretty and organized too!!
    I love the inspiration board on your door and the "junk babies" are so sweet. I have a glove box like your deep pink one. Mine has vintage hankies in it.

    Thanks for the tour!

  5. Gaaaa! I'm sooo glad I found you!!!!! What a stunning and fun your doll creations, I love dolls too....pop on over and take a look at my space when you have some time. I think we'd be great friends...:).

  6. Love your CREATIVE space...You can feel the possibilities .... Rowann

  7. Swoon....I feel like I'm looking at a great booth in an antique shop! This is so fun Eloise. Love your mood board, junk, dolls and vintage supplies. Just gorgeous!!

  8. Hi Eloise!
    I LOVE it here! WE have a lot in common in our creative spaces! I love your inspiration board - mine is so similar. :) Your doll collection is wonderful. What fun you must have in your beautiful studio!

    Thanks for sharing all the lovely pictures.

  9. Eloise!!! Love your space. Yes it is jammed packed, the only way to be! Love all the pretties, especially the bling, suitcases and the satin glove boxes (especially those!)! Your space is lovely, thank you for inviting me in. If you have a moment peek inside my playhouse, you'll understand why I say jammed packed is the only way to be... he he!

  10. Oh my gosh so many yummy things in your creative space! I love your junk babies and your collection of vintge pretties are to die for!!!



  11. all those doll heads...and the junk babies...what cute and unique ideas you have...and what a fab place to create...
    thanks for sharing, glad I found you...I will be back!

  12. I would love to come play in your studio!! Ohhh what fun stuff you have collected. Thanks for the tour of your lovely play room! Cheers from Brussels.

  13. Eloise, I popped over from Tricia's Conversations with the Muse blog, and your creative space is just magical! I love all of your little doll's heads...everything looks wonderful!

  14. I want a junk baby *wail, foot stamping wail* Love everythign about your space

  15. Your space is just perfect!!! So full of wonderful inspiring things made and waiting to be made. thanks for sharing. Love that you name your creations...I do too LOL
    Keep smiling and creating

  16. Ohhhh Eloise...your wonderful studio makes me want to come over and play with all of those trinkets! Truly, it looks like a wonderful place to just lose yourself and become a child again..which is what I am all about! Hope you will stop by my little magical corner of the world and say hello! bertie

  17. I love this room!! It is just chock full of yummy vintage goodness! Thank you so much for allowing a tour inside! Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the party!

  18. I loved my visit, so much fun. great dolls

    come visit and enter to win!

  19. Outch, I just fell off the couch I was leaning so close to the computer I wanted to crawl in and walk around your perfect room. I too am a doll head person. You either love them or hate them. My husband hates them! And I have them all over my room, in and on everything. Where do you find your dolls? They;re hard to find these days. Do you sell in Round Top? I bought a doll that looks like one of yours down there. I love it all-

  20. Your Studio looks Fun, Fun, Fun.... Love all the wonderful treasures, the Doll Heads, the Jewels, the Jars filled with "Stuff", not to forget the wonderful pile of Old Suitcases.... like I said, Fun, Fun, Fun.... Thanks for Sharing

  21. Your art room is so dreamy! I love your doll collections!

    Sandy xox

  22. You have a great space - I love a space that is full to the brim with goodies for creating. Love your dolls. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  23. What a fabulous space my friend. Filled up and overflowing...organized, too! LOVE THAT. What I wouldn't GIVE to dig in here!

    Blessings as you create~


  24. What a beautiful creative space! Thanks for the tour.

  25. A delightfully creative and fun space you have Eloise! I loved my visit!

  26. Beautiful, beautiful room! I love your junk babies... I saw some similar at The Farm Chicks show... were they yours??

    Thanks for visiting my space!


  27. Love the junk babies and all the unique ways you have of storing good stuff. Never seen so many cool doll heads in one place before. Thanks for sharing your great space.

  28. Love love love all your treasures and lace and bling and your Junk Babies are delightful. Loved this tour. Thank you!

  29. I love, love, love all your wacky doll heads and dollies. This space is completely filled with fabulous art stuff. What a wonderful spot to work in. *smiles* Norma

  30. You weren't kidding when you said it was your "PLAYROOM"...can I come over and play?? Very fun space. Love all your stuff stuff stuff!


  31. You (we) could Play for months and still have plenty to play with! TFS!!!

  32. I'm loving visiting everyone's creative spaces...

    So, inspiring.

    And, your space is just full of so many wonderful it!

  33. I love this room! It is so F*U*N*!! Love all your dollies too!

  34. What a super fun place to create!! I LOVE all the items to choose from!

  35. You have a yummy place to create in, I love it.
    Your trinkets and treasures are such eye candy!
    Those junk babies must be a real hit with your customers. I could do some major shopping and creating in your space.
    Thank you for sharing your studio and trinkets and treasures.

  36. Eloise,
    Love all your sparkle jewel things. Can't get enough of it! You have such a creative space. I hope to have one someday.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  37. Such a lovely Vintage style studio. Love the old photos and patterns how fab is everything. Thanks for the tour and have a wonderful day. Angela

  38. Your art room is wonderful! Did you take a class from Lisa Loria to learn your junk baby? I so want to take her class. She will be selling at the Vintage Marketplace too! I love that show! I will see you there! karen....

  39. Oh wow what a wonderful place to play in! So many little lovlies all over the place!

  40. Love your play room,Eloise!Thanks for the tour and inspiration!!

  41. I love the window and all your storage. Lots of supplies.

    Love your junk dolls

  42. Wow! You sure are right...your space is jammed packed with lots of fun stuff! It makes me want to come over and play! I call my space a "playroom" too. It used to be my kids' game room.
    I'm glad you shared your space. Thanks!
    Have a beautiful day!