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Monday, June 13, 2011

Want to See Where I Create????

Come on in! this is the Secret Door into my
playroom!! Enter at your own risk!!!!! hee,hee!!
Right outside the door I keep extra lace scraps and old photos in these suitcases. Suitcases work great for storage.
My playroom is a small bedroom upstairs, it's just right to keep all my "pretties" out where I can see them. I read somewhere "you create what you see"! So, I keep alot of things out where I can see them and be inspired!!
Some of my collections.
These pics are of a hutch, that has all my laces,little bits and pieces, glues and glitter.
This is my manni! Oh, she has a sister too!
Manni's sister "FiFi".
This is my desk, I like to keep trays of jewels and findings/chains in cupcake tins.
Right behind my desk a table & file cabinet hold tiered baskets with ribbons,stamps & ink pads, all at hands reach.
I have an addiction for supplies. If you have all your supplies and you feel like creating something, you just shop in your own space!
This is a garland I made with ball fringe, it hangs over my desk and window.
More supplies hang on the back of the door in a clear see-thru shoe pocket organizer. Use all your spaces!
This tin shelf is filled with see-thur jars.
Oh, my little shoe collection. I use these to make pin cushions.
And, finally everyone needs a fu-fu comfy chair to
"dream big" and read magazines, with a chandelier overhead.
Well, here's a full view. I hope you all like my little space. Thanks, for visiting my Playroom today!! I hope I inspired you?
As I close this post, I wish you all a great week!
Happy Creating and Much Junk Love


  1. I love it Eloise!!
    xo, Amber

  2. Thanks for the peek. Since my son moved home from college, I'm afraid my "work room" has been transformed back into his bedroom. Oh where, oh where, will I create! :)

  3. Hello.
    I love your creative space. You may think it's messy, but I think it's wonderful! I wish I had an extra room for something like that.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose ALley