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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Best Ever Farm Chicks Show!!!!!!

Hellllooo Gals, I'm back from my trip. From the beautiful Spokane Valley, WA. What a great trip! Beautiful scenery, good food, wonderful fines and met some great people! Here we go........;)
Julie and I had our boots on and were ready to go!!!!
When we got to the show we met some great gals.
We all had our boots on!
Our group was a Hoot! we did some fun shopping!!!
I met these 2 gals from the Sacramento area! Juanita and Pat. There first time to the F.C. Show! They were so cute!
This was the entrance to the show! the theme "Having FUN" and we did!
Ok. Enough here we goooo... Sooo much to see and touch and buy!

This gal had soooo many goodies, trays and trays of vintage clock faces, white charolettes,letters, and vintage paper 3 booths full!
This is the Fabulous Joy from "Auntie Joy's" her booth is always one to stop at. She has vintage finds and makes tons of jewelery. I bought some!
More booths...........
Boots Galore!!!
This booth had some real chickens in a pen! Real farm chicks!
This is Evon at a booth called "Junebug" her little dog is named Junebug! couldn't resist!
It was really hard to take pics with all the people walking around so, that's why I just took whatever I could at the time. Plus, I had shopping to do! My finds later!
This is "Retreat" always a beautiful set up!
A favorite place for food was a place called CHAPS(we had almost all our meals there)the food was amaaaaazing! Thanks Celeste! we'll be back!!!
All the food and drinks were yummy!! and the desserts equally wonderful!
It was my birthday weekend, so we had a toast and dessert, the best lemon chiffon cake I ever had!!! yummy,yummy!!
And this steak dinner! another favorite!
This is the lemon cake, my dear friend Linda made this cute Birthday banner for my cake!
Back on day (2) mostly took pics of all the gals doing the show
This is Dixie and Linda from Funky Junk Sisters! They were great, I got this tee from them!
Evon and I on day 2 of the show!
Here's Joy,Tiffany,Heather Bullard and Jenny Doh HAVING FARM CHICK fUNNNN!
Here's Heather and Jenny they were signing books at the show! They took time for a pic!!
More finds...........
I could have spent all my money here!
Tons of Flea Market bags, I purchased 3.
More, doll heads! Ready for more "Junk Babies" I couldn't leave them behind.
An array of linens for sewing projects!
We purchased these Big mugs from Chaps bakery dept. It's called CAKE.
And finally, a shout out to some great gals we met from Northern ,CA in line Paula (2gypsygirls) and her crew, Layle,Nancy,& Sande (hope you're feeling better! It was fun chatting with you guys!
Well, there's too much more to say and show but, I don't want to be obnoxious hee,hee! Just know that we had a great time. Thanks for coming along with me!
Happy Junking and Creating!
Junk Fairy Kisses to all!


  1. Hello,
    I was visiting your Blog, and while reading it, I noticed that we have a lot of common interests. I am a native from California too. I have three children, now grown, and was a stay at home mom. I love vintage and jewels. I see some of your decorating is with jewels. Me and my daughters just started a Blog and would love it if you could stop by and visit us. The link is: You have such a charming Blog. Have a sweet day.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  2. Hmmmm... now I KNOW why i did not see you this weekend at the Vintage Marketplace...oh what FuN you must have had. I hope your week has been good.


  3. Oh my gosh, so many goodies! It looks like an artists heaven! My mind would have been spinning at all of the choices and all of the projects I MUST make... it looks like you had a wonderful time! t. xoxo

  4. Ooooh! It looked like an awesome place to be! Thanks for taking so many pictures for us to see!
    xo, Amber