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Thursday, April 7, 2011

I'm Back from San Francisco! Want to Peek at Our Trip/Finds?

Thank you stopping by today! Hope all is well with everyone! With this crazy weather we have had. One day cold/rain and then Summer weather!
Well, we made it back from our trip to S.F. yeah!!! It was a great time and the weather was perfect on the way there. the scenery beautiful, everything is so green! As you can see!

Old barns everywhere on the way up!
So, I'll start here! it was hard to shop,take pics and drink coffee but, I did my best!
There are over 900 vendors at this flea~! yikes! it took us 6.5 hours to go through it once! (feet were tired!) But we pushed on! In my opinion, it is one of the best fleas in California! We try to make it up here at least twice a year!

Here, Evon and I looking at the booths loaded with amazzzing finds! Oh, did I say that it was 49 degrees that morning @6:00am!
Chilly!! burrrr!!
I just loved this gals sign MAGPIE!
Isn't this the Biggest clock face ever???
I needed help with my cart. I took my x-large cart and we filled it up twice! then we picked up our boxes and suitcases.
More treasures!!! more pics!
I just loved this sign!
This booth had the best collection of religious Saints & jewelery.
My cart is full again!! "that's a good thing"
Did I, mention all gourmet food stands they have!! OMG!! too many! This guy caught our eye! Name, Harvey,he makes hot!! special orders of mini donuts! yum,yum! and they come in a cone! How cute is that!! and they were yummy!!
Here's little baby! she's tired too!!
This gal had all this ribbon in bundles all colors, my fav. Pink!

Do-dads for jewelery and bottle making!
Pink boots! what's life without them?
Vintage books everywhere! This is the longest post I've ever done!
This lady had a collection of old books and old albums.

So, that was just a taste of my "Junking Weekend" in San Francisco!
A beautiful City with beautiful people~!

Here we are leaving the Alameda area on the Bay Bridge, going to the city!
On the bridge, I took this picture of the San Francisco City skyline! Beautiful!
So, thanks again for stopping by. Hope you enjoyed all the pics and finds! Have a wonderful weekend and I'll post some more things that I've been working on for the Vintage Spring Boutique! Save the date 5/7/11.
Happy Junking for now!


  1. I m posting my finds was great. We got a late start and started at the back. It is the BEST flea ever!!!!!!!

  2. OK, is that my white suitcase? and what are you doing with my pink boots? Give them back......

  3. YAY Eloise!! What an amazing trip you had...WOW
    I can't wait to "FLEA IT UP" in Alameda!! You got some amazing treasures and I think those might be my pink boots...what's Rita talking about...LOL??!! Can't wait to see what beauties you create! See you soon (5-7-11) and I won't be late...LOL!!

  4. What fun! Thanks for sharing. I have to wait for warmer weather til the fleas start up around here. Looking at all your pics made me feel like I was there with you.

  5. Wow they had great stuff! I especially love the religious stuff. I LOVE donuts so I am drooling right now. You scored some great find! The dolls are great!

    Sandy xox

  6. Wow, I"ve never been to the Alameda show, but after seeing your pics, it will definitely be on my "to go" list....can't wait for 5/7...saving my pennies.