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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Vintage Finds Over the Weekend!

This past weekend I went out to some estate sales. I found some interesting items to work with. Remember,"Someones trash is an others Treasure" I love that sane! Take a look....

I usually buy things that I think others will like! I don't always keep everything. Enjoy!
Aren't these ballerina shoes great! All tattered and worn.
I found some old tins and some fabric cording.

Then I found these old canning jars and a metal Jar holder, I'll use it for a display on my kitchen table.
Here they are all cleaned up. Ready for a display to be filled with flowers.
Here are just a few more things that caught my eye!
Isn't she adorable? She has a calming effect. I'll end this post with a few more pics. then I'll say, "so long for now" and Happy Junking!!
This is a Crown Royal bottle holder. I'll think of something to do with this Red crown.
And this necklace was beaded on velvet fabric.
This leather case is filled with some bling!! Who can resist!! I have more items to show but, they'll have to wait until next time. Again, thanks to everyone that has stopped by my blog to peek and say hello! Have a great week junking!
Hugs & Kisses~!


  1. Wow, looks like somebody had fun junking over the weekend! I have a few of those aqua colored jars, I am attracted to anything vintage in that color.
    That metal jar holder is such a perfect find for a kitchen. I'm ready for St. Patrick's Day tomorrow since I'm feeling a little GREEN with envy of all your lovely finds. lol

    Thanks for sharing,

  2. We never find cool things like this near me. I am going to have to start traveling for junk. (aka good stuff)
    I have been searching for months for any book in French, even a dictionary, cookbook or text, and nada. I can't even remember the project I wanted it for.
    I love that you see the beauty in those tattered ballet slippers.

  3. Hi Eloise,
    I love all your treasures that you found! I just love the bling. And the pearls with the velvet backing. The girl statue is just adorable. And I love those tins!

    I went to an antique store today and will be sharing what I brought home!

    Have a wonderful weekend,

  4. So fun to visit you Eloise and always inspiring!

  5. Would love to have that Crown Royal bottle holder. I collect Crow Royal stuff. Would you be willing to sell it please.
    Email me at