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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Springtime and Chateau de Fleurs A Wonderful time!!

Well, I was a vendor at Chateau this past weekend. It was a beautiful spring day! I'm sad to say that I have no pics!!! ERRRR! I forgot my camera! My bad! I'm not a good blogger. But, just wanted to say Thank-you to Miss Christie and Rita! It was a great time.And thank you to everyone that stopped by! I met some great people!!
This weekend I'm getting ready for Springtime. The bunnies are coming out and I decorated one table so far. this table is in my entry.

This pic has a garland that I made, I love to make these!(with dyed coffee filters!). My husband put together this Candelabra
with a vintage post and a broken chandelier. I added some crystals and vintage post cards! Viola!!
These little guys I've had for years! So Sweet! I put them out every year

A little Vintage Bunny pulling a little wagon!
Next, I wanted to show a pic of something I learned this weekend. Nikki (Mermaid Glade) my neighbor at the show. Teaches felting. I purchased a kit and she gave me a lesson!! She's a great teacher! Nikki it was a pleasure hanging out with you and learning!

This is what I made! The pink one on the right, I made at the show.
The one on the left I made on Sunday. Felting is so relaxing! A great hobby for anyone!!
Thanks Again, Nikki!
Wishing everyone a great week and weekend, The weather is going to be beautiful!
Sending Fairy Dreams!and Smiles!


  1. Hey Sweetie..
    It's vintagesusie here! I was the one at the show that took your picture & bought your baby shoes & old cabinet cards...I LOVE those!!!
    I still want to get that jewelry box if you have it. I was all excited driving home thinkin I was going to clean it up & switch out boxes & then realized...I DIDN'T BUY IT!!! Darn!
    I've got you up on my blog & have a couple pics I took, so feel free to grab any that you like!
    If you still have the cream ity for me, I want it!
    Come by & visit..
    Hugs Friend,
    Susie Q

  2. Hi Eloise,
    Thanks for visiting today! I announce the winners tomorrow!

  3. Good Morning Eloise...
    Yes!!! I do want to buy your old JB from you & the aqua one too if you still have it!!
    Are you going to Glitterfest??? I could meet you there! Email me on my's at the top on the sidebar. We have to get together soon!
    Glad you like my blog & if you ever want me to work with you on yours just...hollar!
    Hugs Girlfriend,