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Monday, November 1, 2010

Loving to Create!! Holiday Bliss to All!!

Oh! my gosh!! I can't" Believe" it's almost here! Save the date! Nov. 13th!  We have been busy and that's why I haven't  been blogging, ( I have to learn to balance creating and blogging!) Anyway, here are a few ideas that I have been working on!! Ballerina boxes in holiday cheer!

I planted these Paperwhite Bulbs in a pot. They will be ready for the Holiday season!!!!

Here is one of my vignettes I did in my LR, trying to make it festive!!!!
I love vintage Santas this is in my Kitchen window! There will be lots of vintage Santas for sale!! ho,ho,ho!!

More, Santas in my buffett!
This is a snowy scene! it looks all shiny with the lites on!
I added some crowns to my chalkboard/silver trays.
There's a basket of packaged ornaments and goodies waiting for you! Holiday Cheer to All!! I've got to get back to work! Santa's watching me!! Have a great week!! Junk Fairy


  1. Everything looks beautiful Eloise!
    I'm so excited, can't wait!

  2. Hi Eloise,
    I'm with you on the Creating & Blogging balance,
    is there a class we could take (if only we had the time)!!LOL Can't wait to see everything, it
    all looks so BEAUTIFUL!!!
    XO ~Debbie~

  3. Hi Eloise, wishing you a wonderful boutique!!! XO Christie

  4. Your vignettes are just darling, I love the festive Christmas spirit you've got going on! :-)