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Friday, August 27, 2010

Still decorating and crafting too!!!

This is day two of decorating. This my kitchen buffet. I like to decorate early so that I can enjoy my decorations. It's just  a couple months away!!!  Then Xmas, I'm really a Xmas girl.!!!
This is also part of my decoration in a dome on the buffet, I made her crown with trims and cardboard. (she's a cutie)!!!

Here are some Halloween altered canvases that I made 2 are 8x10 and 1 is 5x7.  They are easy to make, use old scraps of lace ribbon, music note paper and trims. Collage the background first, then add you enlarged image. Add hats glitter, wording, then add a sealer and it's done you'll have a great conversation piece.  Try one you still have plenty of time!!
 Meanwhile, I continue to decorate, I'm almost done. 

Junk Fairy

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  1. hi eloise! so excited to see you now have a blog,.....i love it!