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Friday, November 18, 2011

Whew!! My Holiday Sale is Over! On with Christmas!

Oh my gosh! what a week leading up to my sale. All the rain the days before. But, my prayers were answered,(and thank you to all of you that said a prayer for me). The rain woke me up @2:30am and it kept raining, I thought it wasn't going to stop! I had planned a little for the rain but, I was moving
and covering everything.It was a frenzzzy! But, later to my surprise the rain stopped right as the line started to form. Whew! yes, there was a line to get in! Thank you to all of you that came to support us! Needless to say, I hardly had a chance to take photos. So, I'll share just share these few.
Some signs I painted.
My little helper "Elf Sophie"!
My dear friends and Holly Helpers, Pearl and Linda!
Thanks guys for all your help, kisses XOXO.
More vintage Goods.
Oops, I don't have any pics of the garage, it looked like a little store inside.
Me and my girls, Evon & Erin, I'll always remember these special boutiques with you guys!! Thanks! Kiss,Kiss.
Us with the little ones, Olivia and Sophie.
Me and Pearl.
Here are some pics of more vignettes around the house. Next week, I'll do a post of my collection of Vintage Christmas.
My porch entrance "Welcome Friends".
My Christmas tree, dressed with vintage corsages (I have over 25),vintage glass ornaments and handmade ornaments. My tree is very whimsical.
Do you want to see more? I don't want to give you pic overload of Xmas madness! Ok.
As, you can see I love me some bling and sparkle, this table is in the LR.
I love filling these cloches with vintage ornaments and beads, here are a few.
So, that's all for now. I hope you'll stop in again soon!
Right now, I'm working on some large Silver Snowflakes for the Vintage Market place sale in Rainbow. Mark your calendars, Dec. 2 & 3rd. I'll show you next week when I'm done.
Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving, and lets all give thanks for all our Blessing, family and friends.
Wishes & Kisses!


  1. Everything looks so pretty! Love your little elves. Such a fun post.

  2. Hi Eloise! My girlfriend and I had so much fun at your Boutique. The only regret we had is not being in line when you opened your doors to see all the great stuff that was sold by the time we arrived. Hopefully there's always next time, right? We still left with some great goodies. And if that wasn't enough, the tour of your gorgeous home and those cake balls ~that were to die for~ made it unforgettable. Oh, and let's not forget the hummingbird rescue. lol

    Hope to see you again soon,

  3. I love the look of the corsages on the tree!

  4. As usual your xmas boutique did not disappoint....honestly it is impossible to really take in all of the home decor in one visit. I hope you don't mind if I take some pictures from your blog and feature your home on my blog sometime in the near future. Just so AMAZING!


  5. Wow you have some great retro ornis! I'm so glad the sale went well. I could see so many things that I would have purchased!

    Sandy xox

  6. It all looks so beautiful! So glad it did not rain! XO Christie

  7. What a great time! I really like the Cloches and the way that you filled them up with sparkly ornaments and beads. Happy Thanksgiving, my friend.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  8. Oh my my goodness, your sale was fantastic, and all your vintage goodness. I hope you did well with your sale. I used to host a Christmas boutique every year at my home and we would just have a fantastic time doing it. Lots of fun, but don't think I would do it again. You like all the same things I like. Love it all!