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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Yummy Apple Tart and A New look!

LOOK!! at what I made last nite!! A fresh rustic apple tart! Can you say YUMMY!! It was!!! with vanilla  bean ice cream!!! I was in heaven!
Well, now, back to decorating, I just moved some things around after the holidays! And
tried to create a new look!  Food and decorating what could be better! And before I forget I want to wish my daughter Erin, "A Big Happy Birthday" We love You!!
I moved this cabinet over to the other side of the room, oops! forgot the flash, sorry!
This table was moved too! and a new vignette is born!
One of my other favorite cabinets is this half round cabinet, my husband bought it for me (a surprise)!
I added this DREAM sign to this over-sized amorie.  I'm loving black right now!
And,  my best treasure, this beautiful cabinet that I purchased from the one and only Christie Repasy. I bought this from her about 9 years AGO!!! i LOVE IT!!
I wanted to show more pics but, something happened. Is there a limited space to blog??? Does anyone have an answer!! Help help!! Anyway, until next time. When I figure this out! Happy Junking and have a great week!


  1. Happy Birthday Erin!
    The pie looks and I am pretty sure is so so yummy. Ciao Rita mammabellarte

  2. Oh the pie, yummy!!!
    There shouldn't be any limit on the pictures, that is a new one I've never heard before. I will say sometimes blogger has a mind of it's own :(
    See what happens on the next post!

  3. Hi Eloise,
    I have my bowl ready :)


  4. Happy Birthday Erin! and YES that PIE is to DIE FOR!!... Eloise I will be back in San Diego May, 20,21,22 teaching next door to paper tales!.. some SUPER amazing stuff... soon to be announced! I Hope you and Erin can come!!..

  5. My stomach is grumbling now! I love the vignette you showed, with the charlotte doll head :)

    Hugs! Sandy