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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Busy,Busy, Making Holiday Cheer!!!!

Here it is mid-December and I know that blogging hasn't been my first line of business! But, with shopping, planning parties, Having fun at Chateau de fleurs ! crafting, getting ready to make tamales! (yummy) :)! I will sit down right now, and show some pics of what has been going on!
I made these dyoramas for the show at Chateau de Fleurs, using old boxes from tree ornaments!
I sold this darling hutch, it was filled with Christmas ornaments! Everything sold on the hutch! yeah!!
More of our booth, we had so much fun seeing everyone! Oh, and meeting Ray &Julian
from Talulah Anitques! (pleased to meet you!)
This was neighbor, the lovely, Trisha from Arizona, isn't she a cutie! Happy Holidays Trisha! We love her!!
My two daughters Evon,Erin and our friends, Val and Krisha came by to visit!

Me and my girls! we lovve doing Christie and Rita's Show, thanks gals!!

And these two cuties (i must say!) are what Christmas is all about! They may be little but, they love Christmas, singing carols, watching xmas movies,baking and bring joy to our family! Noni and Papa love you!!
Sophie, doesn't she melt your heart! She's  Santa's little elf!!
And Olivia, she's a little Star! She can't wait for Santa!! Soon, we'll be making cookies!
So, as I sign off for now, Happy Holidays to all in blogland!! Until later,
Wishes & Kisses!

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  1. Sophie and Olivia are so cute and I must say very polite too. They gave me a big HUG at the market place. Wishing you Happy Holidays. Rita